Syed Muhammad Wajih-us-Seema Irfani (R.A) a reputed man of letters and an outstanding scholar, who dreamt to establish a unique institution where contemporary scientific education would be blended with religious instructions and character building to open new vistas in education

Following the footprints of the great saints of the Chishtia Order whose precept was service of humanity without discrimination of cast, color and creed, the great thinker, Syed Muhammad Wajih-us-Seema Irfani desired to reinforce and strengthen the Khankahi Nizam through the establishment of the learning institutions and community welfare centres for the service of the mankind.

Message of The Founder

Syed Muhammad Habib Irfani, the successor of Syed Muhammad Wajih-us-Seema Irfani, translated his vision/dreams into reality.

Syed Muhammad Habib Irfani is a renowned Scholar, Researcher, Educationist, Columnist, Broadcaster and Moderator who has continued the glorious tradition of his illustrious father of conducting mehfils (sessions) both for the dissemination of Quranic knowledge and for advice assistance and Dua for the solution of the personal problems faced by anyone who approach him.